Confirmada la muerte del Surfista en Alligators Hawaii

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Os dejamos con el video de la ultima ola de Kirk Passmore, Aquí podréis ver el drop que se hizo y como cayo en la ola.

Aqui os dejamos con palabras del filmaker y de su Padre:

“His father contacted me, he wanted to share his son’s last wave with everyone” says filmmaker, Larry Haynes. “He did a great takeoff, he makes the big drop, and as he almost makes it he hits and catches the nose a little bit, and then flies forward.”

Chris Ownes, who also witnessed this traumatic scene first hand, paid tribute to Passmore. “Although I barely knew Kirk, he was always respectful and always went out of way to say hi to me. He was a bartender at Banzai Sushi Bar, and was well liked by everyone,” said Owens. “No matter what people say about him, like ‘he should have had a float vest on’,or ‘he should’ve had a bigger board’, this good kid died doing something he loved, he died Charging a big beautiful wave. We as fellow big wave surfers, with all the crazy things we all do, should respect it and honour it.”

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